Trading Fees


  • 0.1% TX fee to open a trade

  • 0.1% TX fee to close a trade Fees are allocated as follows: 30% - To buy $FOX and distribute to Stakers - Split proportionately across single staking and ebFOX pools, dependent on TVL. 20% - Liquidity growth. 50% - Operations & Marketing

Note: Spread fees have been eliminated, reducing overall trading costs significantly. A borrow fee š‘… is put in place for each side of each asset. This is the fee paid to the counter-party of your trade to incentivize traders to keep the total position size from diverging significantly with traders total collateral, thus providing further risk mitigation measures for the protocol. Borrow fee is dynamically updated for each asset every interval (1 hour) and calculated as follows:

R=k(AssetsBorrowed/TotalAssetsInPool)āˆ—0.01R=k( AssetsBorrowed/ TotalAssetsInPool)āˆ—0.01%

š‘˜ is a parameter that is a function of each asset's historical volatility and is updated regularly as market conditions change.

There is also a small service fee for Oracle charges and auto-resolver gas fees of 0.0001ETH (approx. $0.30 at the time of writing).

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