Foxify Perpetuals Trading

Foxify Perps offers a liquidity-efficient, powerful, and user-friendly decentralized leverage trading platform.

While other decentralized applications and exchanges grapple with high execution costs, low performance, and trade inefficiencies, Foxify Perps is designed as a 'next-gen' platform. It addresses common DEX issues like front-running, slippage, asset limitations, and a lack of risk management features.

Our unique synthetic architecture makes Foxify more capital-efficient than any existing platform. It enables low trading fees and a broad range of levers and pairs: up to 50x on Top cryptocurrencies. Trading Experience:

  • Trade Perpetuals: Set long or short positions.

  • High Leveraging: Available up to 50x.

  • Full Custody Over Funds: No deposit or signup is required.

  • Transparent & Decentralized: 100% on-chain execution of trades.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Interface refined over several months of user feedback and designed to allow traders to do what they do best, seamlessly.

  • Mobile-Optimized: Trade on your mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Trading Engine:

  • Synthetic Environment: Trade against the liquidity pool in the peer-2-pool model with up to 50x more capital efficiency. Trades do not have a direct impact on the price of the asset.

  • Real-Time, Highly Accurate Price Feeds Powered by Pyth Network: Avoid scam-wicks through highly reliable price feeds powered by Pyth Network, which aggregates data from numerous verified first-party data sources, offering high-confidence, accurate prices.

Getting Started:

  • What You Need: A wallet that supports the Arbitrum One Network, such as MetaMask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase Wallet.

  • Trading Currency: USDC for trading.

  • Transaction Costs: ETH on Arbitrum One Network for gas fees.

Get Started:

This platform aims to revolutionize the way you trade, offering both high performance and unparalleled efficiency.

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