Tokens & Staking

The $FOX token is integral to the Foxify platform, serving as the primary utility token. It is designed to facilitate various functions within the ecosystem, including staking to earn rewards, and participation in governance. The token operates on a deflationary model, where organic burns are executed to reduce the total supply, potentially making it scarce. $FOX Token Contract Address: 0x6bcc14B02CD624EbE1a8A665Cb6d4067Aa097230

Users have the option to choose from three staking pools, to earn rewards in FOX, as follows:

  1. FOXIFY Staking:

    • Earn rewards through trading fees.

    • Rewards are auto-compounded.

    • No fees or lock restrictions.

    • FoxifyMaxi (Staking Receipt) Contract Address: 0x54fEeBDAC0704eae53F0251d46a3ef9b6c07DD94

  2. ebFOX Staking Pool (Earn and Burn FOX):

    • Multiple revenue streams: 50% of the deposit and withdrawal fees, a share of Perps Liquidity Provider (PLP) Gains, and a share of the platform's trading fees.

    • 50% of fees from deposits and withdrawals are burned organically.

    • Deposit fee: 10%, Withdrawal fee: 15%.

    • Contract Address: 0xBFa48897fCF0cCf3a26165FBfB8997d3Cf3051C8

  3. Balancer Pool:

    • Two Revenue Streams: Swap fees from Balancer + APR boosts at the protocols discretion.

    • Pairs $FOX with $WETH.

    • Minimal fees, and no lock-in periods.

    • Does not auto-compound.

Quick Staking Guide:

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