Tokens & Staking

Foxify will utilize 2 tokens for users to earn from on the platform:

  • FOX - Stake to earn from trading fees in FOX

  • PLP (Perps Liquidity Pool) - Earn a share of trading fees, in USDC.

You have two FOXIFY single staking pools, to earn rewards in FOX, as follows. FOXIFY Staking - Earns rewards through trading fees. Rewards are auto-compounded into your balance for the best long term growth. No fees or locks apply on this pool. 0xBFa48897fCF0cCf3a26165FBfB8997d3Cf3051C8 ebFOX (Earn and Burn FOX) - Earns rewards from three streams, fees (10% deposit, 15% leave), trading fees & PLP earnings from POL (Protocol owned liquidity) accelerate rewards. 50% of fees are automatically burned, driving the deflationary nature of FOX. ebFOX APY, is expected to far exceed FOXIFY Staking. 0xBFa48897fCF0cCf3a26165FBfB8997d3Cf3051C8 As a planned feature in the future: Users will be able to auto-stake FOXIFY earnings into the Foxify Perps LP.

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