Foxify is a first of its kind, decentralized trading platform offering peer to peer options and perpetuals trading, built on the Arbitrum blockchain and launching in partnership with Tyson Fury. Foxify has a number of features:
  • OptiTrade Technology, creating a CeFi experience with the security of DeFi
  • Trade perps with up to 50x leverage
  • Set your own terms on Foxify Options, trade peer to peer as either a maker or taker
  • Leveraged Liquidity, earn 2x on already ‘vaulted’ LP tokens
  • Stake Foxify to earn a % of platform trading fees
  • Affiliate program offering generous rewards
  • Gasless experience
  • Earn via Liquidity Provision in Blue Chips & Stablecoins
  • Fully decentralized on Foxify Options
  • Technology to trade any pair
  • Cross-chain swap
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