Foxify Perps

The Foxify Perps trading platform offers traders the opportunity to leverage up to 50x their investment on blue chip pairs, starting with BTC/USD and a further 20 pairs to be added soon after launch.
  • Supported by enterprise-grade hosting
  • Interactive and customizable user interface, traders have complete control over their trading experience to meet their individual preferences and strategies
To open a position on Foxify Perps:
  • Send desired margin, leverage and direction (long or short) to the smart contract
  • Smart contract will calculate and execute the trade
As the price of the underlying asset changes, the position will either gain or lose value. If the position goes against the trader, they will need to maintain a certain level of margin to keep the position open. If they fail to maintain the required margin, the position will be liquidated, and the remaining margin will be used to cover the losses.