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Selling Options

A maker is able to provide liquidity for Foxify Options, at the terms of their choosing. The platform will display the best rate of return first. The maker configures their option (asset, time period, long, short) within the parameters available. They then set the rate of return they are prepared to offer on the option.
  • Long
  • +1%
  • 4 hours
  • Rate: 2.3
  • Result: A commitment to pay x2.3 any amount committed to the trade - including the trader's collateral, where the scenario is realised, from the time the option begins.
So, a taker commits $100 on the above example, trading against the maker. After 4 hours, ETH/USDT is +1.1% from the price when the option started,, they will receive their $100 back + $130 from the maker ($230), less platform fees. If the option is not realised, then the maker will receive their $130 collateral back, plus the $100 committed by the taker, less fees.
Auto-compound gains back into successful options, deepening liquidity available for takers to trade against.
Makers can withdraw funds that have been offered on an option, but not committed to a trade. Funds cannot be withdrawn by either side once an option has started, until the option expires. A taker will trade against the options available at rates decided by the makers. You will always be presented with the best rate of return being offered for a specific option.