Foxify Options

Foxify Options is a fully decentralized P2P trading experience
  • Provide liquidity on specific options, setting the market rate
  • Trade options on a P2P basis
  • Operate either as maker or taker, with the risk/return being decided by the market, trading on either side of an option
  • Funds held in escrow with no custody on the platform
  • Foxify Options is 100% on-chain
The platform will display available trades with the best rate first, of which a trader can accept the terms as a taker or offer their own terms on an option, as a maker.
Funds are escrowed into the smart contract, once both sides have been executed (Maker & Taker). Due to the unique design of Foxify, no Liquidity Pool is required to execute the trade, which incurs zero slippage. No off-chain services are utilized, ensuring that Foxify Options remains decentralized.